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What would an app be like if the people who used it, wrote it?

What would it be like if the workers themselves would make an app to help homeowners reach out to them? What's the first thing that would go, compared to the other marketplaces and lead generation services?

Glad you asked! The first thing to go is the usurious commissions they charged. Marketplaces and lead generation services have been robbing the workers of 30%, or selling leads in an unfair way, such as $25, or even $75/lead, but then reselling it to others!

It's not fair to the workers to charge like that, so we have a better idea: the guys who work keep 100% of what they earned. No need to run the money through the app either. Feel free to use Venmo (who we have no association with), Paypal (no association), or good old Cash.

What have we done before?

We know we don't like taking a % because in the past we took an investment and the investor insisted on taking 30% of each job a worker did. We didn't like charging like that, and eventually that company didn't survive.

So who are we? Who we are not is the capitalists who, by spending capital, hope to become rent seekers, just taking and taking from the hard work people do.

We made an app - it's great, it's going to be better, and we've got a fair way to charge for that. Just a fixed price per month, or per year, which is completely voluntary.

Most of the functionality in this app is free to use. For example, anyone can sign up and create a profile, become listed, and customers can see them on a map when they're searching for nearby specialists, reach out to them with JobSnaps, etc. So, it's possible to get a big part of the functionality for free.

What people get if they pay a little to us, beyond the good feelings of helping indi developers run a profitable business, is the ability to see and respond to JobSnaps which were sent not to you directly, but to the overall community. But feel free to get going without that, as the app has plenty of functionality waiting to be discovered.

WAIT - but why?

James Albis, and Case Jones, the two founders of JobSnap, have worked all their lives in business, for other people. 4 years ago, the work began and was sustained over years, to break free from the confines and limitations of working in jobs, to finally have a business that we could call our own.

Having first worked together at Snohub, which was to provide residential snow clearing on-demand, the two founders were dissatisfied with the requirement to take 30%, or any % from hard working contractors.

Hard working contractors who had their own insurance, maintained their own vehicles, invested in their own training, equipment, and repairs, hired and paid their own staff, etc. In other words, it felt hard to justify taking % when it looked like the contractors were taking all the risk, paying all the business expenses, and doing the hard work.

So JobSnap is for the hard workers, the ones who march to their own drums, who are taking their own risks, running their own businesses, who are independent and strong, and who are out there every day finding customers, working hard, and really doing business.

JobSnap, with your support, is going to take over, versus lead generation websites like Angie's (no relations) and Thumbtack (again, no relations).

JobSnap with your support, will take over compared to marketplace apps which take a %. We're not going to charge a %. We're not going to force a particular payment model. We're not going to make people wait for their money, if they could just charge cash. We're going to provide all the power an app can provide, and give that benefit to the workers. The real business owners. And we hope, if you've been reading this far, that this is what you've been waiting for a loooong time.

Time for the workers to win.


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