100% for the Contractors

" The customer is "always right" but when it comes to the price for the contractor's work, the contractor is usually right. At least, if you want to get the job done in a reasonable time.

Case Jones, Customer Support for a marketplace app

Why We're Here

We've tried marketplace apps, and it doesn't work.

JobSnap instead has the DNA of an app which will support contractors in their business throughout the day. Yes we're starting with the JobSnap feature, because that lets us provide a huge amount of value to contractors and homeowners, by eliminating the '% cut', and putting an end to the practice of over charging for leads.

What didn't work about marketplace apps in the Snow category?

What really didn't work in the snow removal category was the % cut was too expensive, and besides the actual cost, the marketplace was trying to 'own' the customers, which meant that the contractor didn't have any commitment to those customers, relative to their own customers. So, JobSnap doesn't do that. If you find a great customer through JobSnap, keep the customer! Keep 100% of what you earn.

WAit but why?

Building a high quality app is no simple matter. In fact it has been a 4 year journey to get to where this app is now. Many app developers don't make it this far, so we consider ourselves lucky. Not only to have had the resources to make this, but also to have such a clear idea of what the market wants/needs. The workers have been getting robbed, every way possible, and were sick of it, and this is something that kept us awake at night, with a burning desire to provide a real solution, or die trying.

How does it work ?

JobSnap gives you value right away by listing your business, making it easier to find by local customers. There's a beautiful space to fill in the profile, as well as for customers to find contractors who are nearby, using the map. Active contractors get listed on a web-based directory as well (depends on privacy settings). Paying contractors, or those who are on a free trial, or those who invited their friends, get access to the most recent JobSnaps, and can submit quotes, chat with customers, and go through the whole experience with the app.


JobSnaps are local snapshots of "jobs" customers need done

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